I've always been a techie guy...

As far back as I can remember, I used to like to tinker with things.  My zest for electronics and techie stuff brought me to a career that spanned nearly 3 decades.  

Starting as a hobby, I founded RACING ELECTRONICS, a home grown company that I started in 1988 in Mays Landing NJ.  Starting the company to "raise a little extra holiday money for gifts for my newly born son" led me to own and operate the largest racing communications company, known worldwide for our innovative products and superior customer service.


After selling my company in late 2015 and working actively for a year after the sale, my retirement dream came true.  Retiring in Las Vegas and starting the next phase of life.

The idea for Gadgets4Geezers came from my enjoyment of helping friends and family with their gadgets.  Today, you can benefit from my knowledge and enjoyment in helping people enjoy technology.

Bruce Silver